Stergios Pappos

I am Stergios Pappos, a web designer & developer with a passion for blending creativity and technology.

With a focus on client engagement, I am dedicated to creating solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing and functional but also aligned with business goals, turning each project into a strategic advantage that supports client revenue and sales growth.
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Currently seeking a full-time opportunity to join a dynamic team in Dubai. I bring to the table a unique combination of design expertise, strategic business acumen, and a commitment to creating value, ready to contribute to and learn from the next wave of innovative projects.

I can help you with ...

When I take on a project, it's a commitment to transform more than just your website. It's about enhancing every touchpoint of your digital ecosystem.


With a solid track record in designing websites, I deliver strong and user-friendly digital designs. Solid company branding is the foundation of any successful website.


I build scalable websites from scratch that fit seamlessly with design. My focus is on micro animations, transitions, and interaction. For content management, I use WordPress.

The full package ✱

A complete website from concept to implementation, that's what makes me stand out. My great sense for design and my development skills enable me to create kick-ass projects.

Digital Toolkit

Here’s a snapshot of what's in my design and development arsenal. Each tool is chosen for its ability to deliver top-tier results—every time.